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Attention Returning Students: Check-in Using WebAdvisor

Inside Roanoke

Returning students are required to check-in using WebAdvisor. Please follow the directions below in order to successfully check-in. Also, please be advised that any student who has not successfully completed check-in by January 22nd will be charged a $100 late check-in fee via the Business Office. 

First, check the “HOLDS” menu option to confirm that you have no holds –this option is found under the Students tab. If you have holds, then please take any necessary actions to clear these. You will not be able to complete check-in until all holds are cleared. 

Next – provided you have no holds – please make sure that you have successfully completed the forms associated with Fall check-in (1. Financial Acceptance Statement, 2. Academic Integrity Statement; and, 3. Student Information Form). To verify completion, please click on “Checklist Forms” and then click on each of the aforementioned forms. If you have already successfully completed these forms, then you will receive a message stating that you have done so. You will not be able to complete check-in until these forms have been completed. 

Next, click on the “CheckIn” tab – then click “Student Check In Form” - then SUBMIT. You will then be checked-in!

Attachments: Contact Info: Registrar's Office, registrar@roanoke.edu, 375-2211