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Clothesline Project- Colket Atrium and select sites around campus

Inside Roanoke
Students and Faculty and Staff

The Clothesline Project is a visual display dedicated to raising awareness about the reality of violence in our society. It is composed of t-shirts created by survivors of violence, or in honor of someone who has experienced violence.

Each t-shirt reflects the personal experience of its creator and may occasionally have some graphic material on them. This may include swear words, explicit violent or sexual descriptions of the attack, or other statements that reflect the emotions and reality the individual experienced.

Because our goal is to Break the Silence of Violence, we do not censor the t-shirts. We exist to support and encourage survivors in their healing process and their efforts to help others understand the horrors of violence. While the t-shirts can be disturbing, we ask our viewers to imagine how much more difficult it is to live the reality they represent. Hopefully this will motivate you to act and join us in ending the epidemic of violence.

Contact Info: Sandy McGhee, mcghee@roanoke.edu, 375-2287